Here’s a list of the items that were super useful after surgery. I’ve linked to where you can purchase these where applicable (not affiliate links, this is just for information)

  • A few old t-shirts. You’ll want to change them regularly so it’s a good idea to have a few on hand. This is only important for a front leg amputation.
  • A blocked-off area for recuperation post surgery, where they can relax and can’t move around very much. It’s important to limit movement as much as possible immediately after surgery, as moving around too much can cause excessive fluid buildup around the wound.
  • A lifting sling for helping them get around the first weeks after surgery. Bea didn’t need a lot of help after a few days, but I still had this around her just in case she lost her footing, I didn’t want her to fall onto the wound. It also helps lessen the impact on the other leg so it’s not taking the entirety of the weight at first. It’s great to have something that you can quickly pop on when they need to go out, I had one that just was a piece of fabric-covered foam with a handle at either end. If the dog is missing a front leg, I would recommend one with a strap that goes around the front of the legs as well, I found that ours slipped back too easily. If you find yourself without one, a large towel can be folded over a few times and held together to assist them.
  • A Ruffwear Webmaster harness. This was recommended by several other tripod owners and it has been so useful. It works better than other harnesses because it has three separate straps that go around the dog, one in front of the legs, one right behind and one mid-abdomen. There is also a strap down the centre. Without these, other harnesses slip around without a second leg to hold them in place. The Webmaster is perfect for a missing right leg, as the straps open on the right. If your dog is missing the left, you can have them step into it, or I’m sure you could sew the straps and clips on the opposite sides, to make it easier getting on and off. (You get used to just lifting a dog’s front leg to get something around it, but when they only have one, it’s not that simple! This harness is great for rear leg amputations as well, because it has a great handle and you can easily hold them up while they walk. It’s also great for helping up and down stairs. With a rear leg amputation, they can wear this immediately post surgery; with a front leg amputation they can’t wear it until the staples are removed.
  • The Help Em Up harness is also great, but I find the Webmaster is more comfortable (lighter & less bulky) for the dog to wear for longer durations. The Help Em Up is great for fully lifting the dog, into the car, etc.
  • Lots of puzzle toys! Bea’s energy bounced back quickly, so she needed lots of activities to keep her busy. The Starmark Pickle Pocket is hands down the favourite toy in this house, and lots of others who have gotten one on our recommendation agree. It holds up for ages and can accommodate all kinds of treats.
  • A great enrichment Instagram account to follow is Bindi’s Bucket List, she also has a lot of info on herwebsite as well. Lots of great ideas for keeping dogs entertained!